What’s a (ghost) mummy’s favorite musical video game?

Death Jam Wrapstar

What did the mummy say to her little ghost boy when he misbehaved?

"Go to your tomb!"

Why were the football players screaming?

They kicked a field ghoul.

Why did the ghost take a nap?

He was dead tired.

What does a ghost eat for breakfast?


What does Chilly Gone-zales spend most of his time reading?

Sheet music

Who is a ghost’s favorite pianist?

Chilly Gone-zales

What’s a ghost’s favorite fruit?


Why couldn’t the ghost read his BOOk?

He couldn’t find his spectercles

What’s a ghost’s favorite DVD extra?

Booper Reel!

What’s a ghost’s favorite seafood restaurant?

Dead Lobster.

Who is a ghost’s favorite black actor?

Morguen Freeman

What’s a ghost’s favorite type of noun?


What is a ghost’s favorite comedy film?

Urnest Scared Stupid

What is a ghost’s favorite Beastie Boys song?

Fright For Your Right